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Welcome to SaffronSierra, a developer Platform-as-a-Service for Saffron Technology’s Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBase. Using Associative Memory technology, SaffronMemoryBase simplifies data analysis and helps you discover the World of Experience that lies within your data. By leveraging the SaffronMemoryBase REST APIs, you’ll quickly find connections among people, places, things and events in your data, along with their frequency counts. By beginning from the vantage point of Experience, you’ll start your analysis with a higher level of confidence, saving time, money – and headaches.


Recent Blog Posts

  • JVMKiller

    In our latest release of SMB, we spent a fair amount of time testing and minimizing windows where data corruption can occur in our associative memory.  The testing involved killing various processes during periods of activity.  But rather than a continue ...

  • SaffronSierra & Gmail Classification

    I’ve recently added some sample code to our “examples” repository that demonstrates how to use SaffronMemoryBase running on SaffronSierra to do basic email classification. The example leverages the convenience of labels within continue ...

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